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4108-Creepy Spider Portrait

4108-Creepy Spider Portrait

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Nothing accents a room quite like this terrifying Spider Portrait! Featuring a scary spider that moves in a circular direction, this animatronic will spook any guest who's afraid of bugs or spiders! To hang, simply use a nail or hook. The attached easel makes it easy to display on a nearby table!


    • Product Sayings: (little girl voice with chirping spider noise in background) “Mommy, the spider’s back…help me…(girl crying sound) get it away from me, get it away! No…no don’t let it get me!”

    • Indoor/covered porch use

    • Motion activated

    • Animated: Spider rotates in circular clockwise direction as audio plays. Spider goes opposite way as well.

    • Battery Type: 4 AA (Not included)

  • Dimensions: 14.75"H X 12.75"L X 2.25"W


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