Animated Witch with Caldron


Don’t go walking into the woods alone, or you may have a Cauldron CAT-tastrophe on your hands!

This sinister sorceress stands before her black cauldron while holding a mangy cat by the feet.

The witch is dressed in a mottled-brown and black dress with rope belt, a shredded-gauze shawl, a creepy bone necklace and a matching pointed hat.

With several spooky sayings, one must be careful not to get in the way of this powerful witch!

Animation: Eyes light up, Head and torso turn from side-to-side, Mouth moves, Cat hisses and flails over the cauldron.

Witch will say one of three sayings with each activation: “(evil laughter)”: “Eh heh heh heh you will make a tasty meal – my favorite is the flesh from a black cat, but you will do nicely! Eh heheheheh!”: ”

See what happens when you cross my path? Let this be a lesson to you – and a meal for me! Eh heheheh!”).

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