Animated Swinging Scarecrow Halloween Prop


Animated Swinging Scarecrow Prop

CODE: 4037

Scare more than crows with this Swinging Scarecrow!

This motion-activated animatronic will swing back and forth while giving an evil laugh and speaking creepy sayings.

Scarecrow is sitting on a swing with wooden frame which swing hangs from.

  • Spoken Phrase #1: “Oh, you like my clothes! I got them from the farmer…he’s about 6 feet away from you…straight down! Ha ha ha ha!”
  • Spoken Phrase #2: “I never understood people, until I took one apart to see how it worked! Ha ha ha!”
  • Spoken Phrase #3: “ See what I got here? It’s the straw that broke the farmers back! Come closer, and let’s see how it works on you! Ha ha ha!”
  • Spoken Phrase #4: “Ah ha ha ha…You smell just like the farmer…after they dug him up! Ha ha ha!”
  • Spoken Phrase #5: “Ah ha ha ha…You have a beautiful head! If I can get it off you, it will complete my collection! Ha ha ha!”
  • Animated
  • Motion Activated
  • Dimensions: 36″H X 26″L X 17″W
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